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SA Premium Oysters History We first dipped our toes in the water way back in 1989 working as share farmers, By 1995 we had purchased 3 ha of prime water and jumped in head first into our first self controlled oyster venture. Our original purchase was already established with a rack and rail system and seeing as we had already had experience with both systems we decided to contine with the rack and rail, after all, If it aint broke, dont fix it. It wasnt far down the track when we purchased another 2 ha of prime water bringing our total to 5 ha.


"Jeff & Colleen are a husband and wife team with one of the original Smoky Bay leases and have been perfecting their oysters over 25 years.

Located over five hectares, their two boutique lease sites produce some of the most pristine pacific oysters on the Eyre Peninsula. They love working in nature's playground where playful dolphins are a common sighting.

The rack and rail is the system of preference for this old fashioned duo who lovingly hand raise and hand sort their oysters with the utmost attention to detail. In our opinion, Jeff & Colleen's oysters produce a salty but sweet oyster with an extremely well presented shell.

Jeff believes the best way to consume an oyster is in its natural form straight out of the sea. Colleen however loves them sauted in its shell over a naked flame until they pop open, with a drizzle of lemon."

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