Our oyster farm is attached to the seabed in the shallow tidal waters of Smoky Bay, and as such, the timing of our tours is scheduled with regard to tide heights, which vary day to day. Guests are encouraged to check weather conditions prior to the tour and dress appropriately for the conditions.All guests must wear enclosed footwear and we recommend bringing a weatherproof jacket for your comfort

Guests should also be aware of the sensitive nature of the area and refrain from activities that may create pollution in this environment.

Should weather/environmental conditions at the time of any scheduled tour be such that they represent a hazard to the safety of guests or staff, SA Premium Oysters reserve the right to postpone, cancel or modify the tour in the interests of safety. If such a situation occurs, SA Premium Oysters will endeavour to provide notification to guests as early as possible to make alternate arrangements.


SA Premium Oysters conduct tours on and off the waters of Smoky Bay both on private and public lands. By registering for this tour you agree to follow the instructions and safety requirements set out by your tour guide. All participants will respect the property of SA Premium Oysters and remain in the designated tour area.

This is a water based tour that involves participants travelling on a boat to a platform in Smoky Bay waters. All participants acknowledge the unlikely, but possible, risks associated with water based activities (including drowning), and declare that they are fit and able to safely participate in this tour at their own risk. 

By attending this tour, participants acknowledge that shell fish (oysters) is a known allergen that can result in anaphylaxis and death in extreme cases, and are consuming shell fish at their own risk. 


Whilst children of suitable age are welcome to accompany parents/responsible adults on our standard tours, our tour is not suitable for young children. Licensing laws also prohibit the serving of alcohol to persons under 18 and proof of age may be required. However, we are happy to arrange custom tours for families to suit your needs.

Cancellation Policy

This is an all weather tour. Tours will only be cancelled by SA Premium Tours in the event of extreme weather. In the event of extreme weather dictating the conduct of a scheduled tour, guests may be offered a rescheduled tour, a modified tour taking in the Oyster Shed Tour and a partial rebate of the tour fees, or a full refund of tour fees.

SA Premium Oysters has a strict cancellation and refund policy for booked tours if you are unable to attend.

Cancellations made more than seven days prior to the tour will incur a 20% administration charge. Cancellations within 7 days but still more than 48 hours from the original tour date will receive a 50% refund. Tour cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the tour date will receive no refund without exception.

If you are unable to attend due to an unforeseen medical/ environmental emergency, your loss may be recoverable under your travel insurance policy.

In the event of difficulties, please contact SA Premium Oysters as soon as possible so that we can reschedule or make other arrangements to accommodate your requirements.